Post title says it all! This will be short and sweet. Today, (well yesterday), was a busy day. Cali & I had a class at the hospital today. It was very nice! They served breakfast and she knew a few of the other kids there. Afterwards, we raced home, had lunch and got ready to go to Quentin's, (a friend of the family), birthday party. As we were heading out the door Sarah got the key fob and pressed the panic button! She is lightning fast! The security company called and we went through the motions and finally got out the door. Amazing, in spite of driving in a downpour & having to make a stop, we got to the party on time. It was at the mall and the kids had a great time. Calista especially, considering she was old enough to do everything. Afterwards we had to race out to Michelle's for Alexis' birthday party! All the family was there, even Darrin/Nancy, Dave/Jill, their son Tony, & Patrick and his girlfriend Danielle. It was our first time seeing Tony, in person anyways! He's so cute!! He's such a blend of his father and grandfather! We had a great time out there. We were all sitting around the kitchen table talking when Sarah joined us. Kevin let her play with his phone, since it was locked. She adores phones & was over the moon. After a while she set it down and was done with it. A few seconds later the phone rings. It's the police! Evidently she figured out how to call the emergency services!! Kevin explained to them how it was his niece & everything was fine. Two minutes later the doorbell rings and it's a policeman doing a well being check. I go to the door with Sarah, and explain everything. Accepting that everything is fine, he leaves & I head back to the kitchen. On the way back, I realize Sarah is now playing with my phone! I sure the officer thought I was crazy! LOL!! Thank goodness I have 2 locks on my phone!
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