Yes, that's right, LOVE! & her name is California! What a beautiful state!! I love it there! The weather was perfect. Each & everyday it was far warmer and sunnier than the weather people called for. We couldn't have been luckier! Wow!!! So picturesque. You know, I was always quite fond of Florida. California though, a little slice of heaven! :)

So, we went on vacation & it was fabulous! The girls were wonderful on both flights. Calista was like an old pro flying and Sarah slept. I thought they, at least Cali would be nervous or excited, but it was old hat for her. We were far more excited for her. She finally got her airplane ride she'd been begging for! Flight in was so smooth!! So, of course the return flight, we had to have turbulence. The girls were cool though, no qualms.

We flew into LAX and drove around for a bit before heading to Vegas. Unbelievable, Vegas with kids is nice. You don't get those people, (I call them click-clicks), trying to hand out the gosh awful cards with the naked women on them. When we've gone in the past, just the 2 of us, they thrust those things into our faces. Even walking hand in hand, they thrust them in your face! With kids...nothing. They stop! Stop!! Can you believe it? Wow! Anyway, we hung out. Did the Wildlife Sanctuary and the arcades. We went the first night to see the Fountains of the Bellagio. They loved it! We even did the Eiffel Tower!

The drive back was even more amazing. We drove through a few sandstorms. There were real tumble weeds flying around too!! Our hotels were great! We even had celebs in one. They were doing photo shoots and interviews. San Diego Zoo was amazing! We saw everything except for the big cats, (lions & tigers), they were closed & the pandas. The Panda exhibit had over an hour wait. Couldn't even fathom that if we didn't have the kids with us! Sea World was a blast too! Sarah went on her first roller coaster ride! She laughed the entire time!! Oh, it was fantastic! Shamu was so...don't have a word for it. It was something I've always dreamt of seeing. We even sat in the Soak Zone!! LOL!! Oh & we got wet! :) We did City Walk, Universal Studios, NBC tour and all that fun stuff.

LAX was a hellacious nightmare on the way back. They didn't have us sitting together, so we had to wait and see if they could at least jockey seats around so each kid could have a parent next to them. We called so many times to make sure we were together to avoid this. They kept saying we were. A$$es! Ugh! Then I tell them ahead of time, (going through security), that we had liquid, (milk & juice for Sarah). No problem in Chicago. They check everything & fine. LAX? No such luck. They do vapor tests. They go through everything & they do it with us separated. Calista is with Randy & I have Sarah & all the baby stuff. *sigh* Horrible experience.

Overall, the trip was terrific. We all had our cameras, including Calista. Hopefully we made some very wonderful lasting memories for our girls!! Now just to get the scrapbooks in order!
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