Okay, so it's not the pennant or anything, but they did beat the St. Louis Cardinals 8-7! The weather was amazing!! Especially for mid-April, and seeing how cold it was this week...and rainy! We had so much fun! It was Randy & I with our friends Tom & Patty. Patty & I remarked that how the last time we four went together, (last fall), they won. Yes, I realize that has a lot to do with nothing, but who cares, right?! They won! :) Our pitcher of course was the ever talented Carlos Zambrano. Randy & I realized that the past few years, each game we've gone to, he has been the pitcher. No complaints!Afterwards we stopped at a great little pub. The Globe Pub is located on Irving Park Road. It's intimate in size, but so much fun! The atmosphere was terrific. Some were straight from the game, others meeting friends after work & some yet just relaxing and catching the scores. The food was fabulous!! We adored the Steak & Mushroom Quesadillas the most. The Buffalo Wings, as Tom can attest, were hot! They had him sweating, lips tingling & looking for his beer! A definite good thing! The day was wonderful & we all look forward to doing it again!
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