What can I say? It's been one week since my last blog. Both girls are sick. Nothing serious, just little viruses. Thank goodness, really, since the Swine Flu or H1N1, as it's now being referred to, is going around. Not too much of an issue for us, as we haven't been to Mexico or been around anyone, at least that we know of, that has been to Mexico recently. As we were going about our day, what's that I hear??? Ah, yes, that would be the sound of the panic alarm going off once again! That's right, the keys were left in reach of Sarah and she did what she does best, she was a curious kid! I won't say who's keys they were, but just know they weren't mine! :) The landscapers came and cleaned up the yard and planted a blue spruce! The yard looks amazing!! Spring is in the air my friends!!
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