So I went with Calista to bowling today. Randy stayed home and did the Mr. Mom thing. I am so glad we switched! First of all, bowling so not my thing. I usually pay attention enough to cheer her on and read my book when she isn't up. Bowling is really Randy's thing. He bowled when we was younger and was on a team as an adult. So, you see my approach to this. This was her last day for the season though, so I went along. She did wonderfully!! I was/am so very proud of her! She got her best score of the season 103 & her team took 1st place!! Woot woot!!! They announced her name a few times, for high score and team placement. She'll definitely get a first place trophy next month and quite possibly an additional one for high handicap! We course made an enormous deal of it & called the grandparents so they could get the news! She also got to pick dinner, which made her day! :)
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