I was driving back from the store today, with my girls in tow, when this little boy ran across the street. It wasn't any old side street or neighborhood road, but a very busy main road with 4 lanes of traffic, speed limit 45mph. As he darted across, (head held high, arms pumping doing his best Carl Lewis impersonation), and I carefully pushed my breaks, the question posed itself. When did we become vincible?? Clearly he had no idea that I even hit my breaks. I knew he was going to run before I even got close. As I think about it, flashes of Lorne Green's New Wilderness dash through my mind. Gazelles escaping an oncoming attack. Seeing the shift in his body you just knew he'd run.

So, when does it happen? When do we go from being so invincible that the world is literally our playground to recognizing our own mortality? My children believe they can do anything, especially my youngest. Nothing scares them...except maybe a house rattling clap of thunder. :)

It's amazing and a bit sad at the same time. We go through so many changes over the course of our life. Most of us no longer have free abandon of that of an 8 year old. We've pulled in the reigns a bit. I believe that's a necessity, in my life anyway. There are moments though when I escape "adulthood" and forget. When I'm running a kite trying to keep it going, splashing in the waves, skipping rocks, playing tag or dancing with my kids I am free. Nothing else matters, just them and I. I hope those moments never stop happening. For you see it's then. if only for a moment, I too am invincible!

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