Alright, so I decided I needed a blog of my own as I begin this weight loss venture. Mind you, I'm not terribly overweight. According to the Army Weight Charts, I am 8lbs over their maximum weight limit for my age group...So being over the maximum isn't ideal, but it's not as bad as I thought. That's also assuming my scale is accurate-I tend to believe it's off by a good 10lbs. HA! Going off the scale, I am 181.75lbs. *sigh* I am 5'9" though, so that's my only saving grace as I am fine boned. I carry it well, but I don't want to carry it at all anymore.

I began working out today at home. We're going to join the gym, but until that happens, I can't sit idly by and do nothing...not any longer anyway! This morning it was just Jillian & I. Jillian won. I hung in there though, but WOWEEE I can feel my gams & I haven't felt that in some time! I'm trying my darnedest not to have a soda. I did have 1cup of coffee though & I did have a Boston Creme donut. You can't expect me to quit cold turkey!! Besides that I am not one to let food go to waste...especially in these economics times...did I convince you??

So, I ate my last donut. Boston Cremes are my weakness & tomorrow hopefully I won't have coffee. Whew, that's a big commitment but it's me or my waistline & by golly I'm gonna win!
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