Oh.My.God! I am so sore!! All this working out has been/is great! I'm really feeling good, but everything but my eyelids hurt! My stepper came in yesterday. All the exercises coupled with that, Wooo Boy! LOL! Seriously, when I got the stepper I hopped on it right away & tried it out. Of course it didn't seem that difficult, so I kept doing it. I'd go do things & hop back on & the cycle continued! To top it off, Sarah & I spent the day shopping, the entire day. My thighs are on fire, but it's good. A good sore!! Can't wait to see the results. (BTW, it was 65 degrees out again today, which is fabulous, but the mall was 87 degrees! I think I lost an 8th of my body weight due to complaints here. I'd stay in 1 store longer if they'd get their sh!t together though!)
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