I'll lead off with the 25 recently played songs on my ipod. (Follow up to J. Lancaster's listing).

1. Paid My Dues -Anastasia
2. It Don't Make A Difference To Me -Kevin Michaels
3. Rock The Boat -Aaliyah
4. Anyway You Want It -Journey
5. How Far We've Come -Matchbox Twenty
6. You're My Best Friend -Queen
7. Whatever You Like -T.I.
8. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room -John Mayer
9. Sea Breeze -Tyronne Wells
10. The Luckiest -Ben Folds
11. Welcome To Paradise -Green Day
12. We're Young & Beautiful -Carrie Underwood
13. Sweet Love -Trisha Yearwood
14. Rock Steady -The Whispers
15. Like A Feather -Nikka Costa
16. Live Until I Die -Clay Walker
17. You're Unbelievable -EMF
18. Under The Bridge -Red Hot Chili Peppers
19. Let's Do It Again -TLC
20. Come Rain Come Shine -Ray Charles
21. I'm Glad There Is You -Grover Washington, Jr.
22. You and I -Michael Buble
23. Pieces -Pieces Of A Dream
24. Not Ready To Make Nice -Dixie Chicks
25. She Is Love -Parachute

It's an odd assortment, but you know, it's me! Totally all across the board, but music makes my day!

So, I'm doing all these little exercises & feeling pretty good about it! I ordered a couple of DVDs to do & am getting excited! The weather will be warmer tomorrow & I'm itching for spring!

I have to admit, I have a few defeatist I see some Skinny Minny on the tube & wonder if maybe I should be more accepting of my current state...can't do it. Granted I may not be a size 3 again, but I want to feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. You know, I really can't figure out where all the years went to!!

DH & I are making healthier choices and are hoping to set a good examples for the girls. I think we've done good thus far, but I think we need to be more active individually. I really don't want them to be afraid to have solo ventures and succeed! I may head up to the gym this weekend & sign us up. Be a bit more proactive. Just finished J. Lancaster's Pretty Fat and had a bit of an epiphany. Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but sometimes when you see something in print or hear it said aloud, it hits you right between the eyes. It's basically realizing I've kept myself from changing my body by worrying of how people may view me working out. (Mainly because I was a good 20lbs last time I was really working out at the gym). I've got up the gumption & I'm just going to do it!! Super excited!!

Grabbing life by the horns people!! I'm 33.5 & this is going to be a banner year!! I'm not expecting great things to happen, I'm just going to make them happen! Well, better hit the hay.
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