So, I was on my baking way when I recalled a recipe I thought would be so much fun for Calista & I to do together. I had every hope of doing it over the weekend, but the weekend came and went. It didn't help that my 'tween, (gotta love this age), didn't want to pulled into the kitchen with mom. Now we found ourselves going into the next weekend with me wanting bananas and chocolate. I could have gone very simple and made a banana cake with chocolate frosting, (yummy), instead I opted to branch out and try a new recipe. I found this one on Elle's New England Kitchen. She's one of my favorite blogs I follow. Great read and more importantly wonderful recipes!! This one is very easy and perfect for getting little hands in the kitchen.

Elle has a fabulous recipe for Double Chocolate Banana Muffins. Just the mere thought of them make me shrug my shoulders up with giddy excitement. They are so amazing!! :) We followed the recipe and only made two little changes. One being we added walnuts, as suggested by Elle's husband, into the batter, as opposed to a topping. Second being we made them into brownies instead of muffins.

I have to say we are a family of chocolate lovers and great lovers of brownies!! We quickly mixed these up and rushed through dinner eagerly awaiting their finish! We of course had to snap a picture as soon as they came out of the oven! Don't they look divine??

Here's a nice side shot, right before it was gobbled up!! They were so delicious!!! Very rich, and very moist! The chocolate, banana and walnuts all complimented each other quite nicely. Nothing was too overpowering. Word of warning though, I used a 8x8 pan and it made for a very thick set of brownies. Really cake-like in thickness! Since they were so rich, we wound up cutting them much smaller than the piece below. In fact, the next time I make them, I plan on using a 13x9 pan. Our favorite way to eat then was straight from the oven or warmed slightly in the microwave with a couple of scoops of ice cream! Though I have to admit, we did try them in the morning for breakfast, as Elle suggested. They were perfect!! If you love chocolate and bananas, it's a definite must! :)

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