I am so terribly excited!!! My new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer came in yesterday!! I took pictures! LOL!! How could I not? I've wanted one for so long!! DH was very generous in getting it for me for Mother's Day. As he reminds me, I'm not even his mom! :)

<---Here it is!!! Woo hoo!! In all it's shiny glory!! I also got my book, The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. I recently joined a group, Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge. The group was created by an extraordinary fellow blogger Nicole of She's amazing!! This challenge has brought together so many people, I myself included from all different levels of baking. Everyone is so eager to share and learn, it's really refreshing! Some have already finished their first loaf!!

Though I do find it a bit daunting, I cannot wait to finish my own loaf!! I've already peeked ahead to future recipes & I know my family will be very willing guinea pigs!!

I'll be posting pictures of my "creations", so be sure to check back for updates.
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  1. susies1955 Says:

    Hi there! I'm susies1955 on Twitter. Love your mixer and I'm sure you do too. :) I'll be following your blog so I can catch your photos as you go through the BBA with all of us. :)